Is Diabetes Deadly ?

Is Diabetes Deadly ?

Both types of diabetes are very deadly conditions. Type I diabetes and type II, if not controlled, can be silent killers. Obesity, inactivity and aging are mainly responsible for. The body loses its ability to produce insulin which is responsible for breaking down sugars.

Obesity is a major risk factor. Every excess pound requires that much more insulin. Those with diabetes just don’t make enough insulin. It is necessary to have a well–balanced diet with fruits and vegetables in plenty. Rule out fatty foods, dairy products and processed foods like butter, cakes and cookies.

Those with sedentary occupations and little or no exercise are the ones most affected. Exercise is a must. As little as 20 minutes walking a day will suffice. It has to be brisk and regular.

The older a person gets, the greater are the chances of acquiring illnesses. The body’s immune system decreases with age.

Diabetes also causes other problems. Kidney disease, stroke, circulation and vision problems are linked to diabetes. 75 percent of people with Type 2 diabetes die of cardiovascular disease.

Changes in diet and exercise will reduce blood sugar levels.

It is best to treat diabetes at an early stage. Limit your sugar intake. Diabetes side effects such as sugar spells are due to very low levels of sugar in the body followed by a high due to sudden intake of a large meal. Take fruit juices to maintain the blood glucose levels in the body

Poor blood circulation is another problem in a diabetic. The extremities become discolored, then gangrene sets in. Hence, measures are to be taken in the early stages to prevent diabetes from progressing.

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Is Diabetes Deadly