Can You Feel Light Headed With High Blood Sugar ?

Can You Feel Light Headed With High Blood Sugar ?

Blood sugar or glucose is what fuels the body. Glucose is the source of energy which is moved into the cells through a hormone called insulin, produced in the pancreas. Cells store slightly more glucose than is immediately required. Too much storage leads to obesity, especially if it is not burned off.

Blood sugar is the marker for diabetes. If after a heavy meal adequate insulin is not produced to drive the glucose into the cells, the glucose backs up resulting in a high level of blood sugar.

There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 is what a person is born with, and needs insulin from the start. In type 1, the pancreas does not produce insulin or does not produce it in the quantity in which it is required. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled without insulin shots.

High blood sugar can cause other damage apart from being the source of diabetes. It can result in heart disease, poor circulation, compromised eyesight or even lead to cancer. High levels of glucose can cause irreparable damage to organs, arteries and veins, and the wall of the veins.

High blood sugar can lead to dizziness. This happens when a person has gone a long while without eating and then indulges in a starchy or sugary meal. The glucose is transferred by insulin immediately into the cells. This burst of rapid energy leads to a sudden rise and fall in blood sugar. This dramatic undulation in glucose causes dizziness. The answer is to eat smaller and more meals through the day to counter what are known as sugar rushes.

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Can You Feel Light Headed With High Blood Sugar