What Happens If My Blood Sugar Goes Too High ?

What Happens If My Blood Sugar Goes Too High ?

People who have a chronic condition of high blood pressure should monitor the level of glucose in their blood periodically and regularly. It is highly important for them to maintain the blood pressure levels close to normal to lead a healthy life. For most healthy people the normal level of blood pressure is 90/130 mg/dl.

However, it also depends when the levels are checked like post lunch and pre meals.

After a person eats, the blood sugar levels go up naturally. That is why the levels are always taken as fasting sugar and post lunch sugar level. If the blood sugar level goes too high, it can cause shivering and heart attack in a person. The body loses the ability to process the high levels of sugar in the body in short period of time.

The person whose blood sugar rises to abnormal levels may feel tired, shiver, get increased heart beat, sweat excessively and even feel dizzy. All these symptoms can also be closely associated with the symptoms of heart attacks. People who suffer from high blood pressure should take additional care by being careful with their diet. They should avoid eating sweet dishes and chocolates to maintain their blood sugar level at normalcy. Excess sweets may cause the blood sugar levels to rise to unmanageable levels. There is no standard cure for blood sugar and it can only be kept under control through exercise, medications and healthy diet. People who are obese tend to be more prone to abnormal levels of blood sugar and they should watch their weight and food habits very closely.

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What Happens If My Blood Sugar Goes Too High