Information About Infectious Diseases Doctors

Information About Infectious Diseases & Doctors

Treatment of infectious diseases is a separate branch in the field of medical science and is known as infectiology. Persons specialized in this branch of medicine are called as infectiologists, or infectious disease doctors or specialists

These are doctors specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of complex and chronic infections and even disorders such as HIV and TB. In fact, infectious disease specialists are simply internists or pediatricians who gained specialization in an additional branch of medicine.

Whenever any person contracts an infection or suffers from a disease, the first person that he/she approaches in a primary care physician or an internal medicine specialist. These internists usually deal with every type of infectious diseases occurring in all organs. Primary diagnosis and treatment of infections is done by the internist. However, in certain complex situations where the infection needs special attention, the patient is referred to an infectiologist or a medical practitioner specialized in treatment of infectious diseases. The primary responsibility of an infectiologist is to coordinate with both patients and internal medicine specialists and find appropriate treatment method for the disease. In order to achieve this, infectiologists might also require the assistance of laboratory scientists, immunologists, bacteriologists and other specialists.

In case of children, infectious diseases are usually diagnosed and treated by a pediatrician, who has been specially trained to take care of children. However, there is also pediatric infectious disease specialist specialized in the treatment of infectious diseases occurring in children from birth to teen years.

In the U.S., for a doctor to become an infectious disease specialist, he/she must have a certification either from the American Board of Internal Medicine or from the American Board of Pediatrics, both of which are recognized by American Board of Medical Specialties. Similarly, in case of other countries, there are specialized boards from which the medical practitioner needs to get certified.

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Information About Infectious Diseases Doctors