Uncontrollable Risk Of Infectious Diseases  

Infectious diseases can be explained as diseases that are caused when an individual gets infected with a pathogenic organism, be it a virus, bacteria, fungi, yeast, protozoan or any other parasite. Risk factors that can result in the occurrence of infectious diseases can be broadly divided into two categories namely controllable and uncontrollable risk factors

As the name suggests, controllable risk factors are those that can be controlled with a bit of attention. Some examples of controllable risk factors include untreated open wounds, unprotected sex, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, poor hygiene, spoiled food, unhealthy diet and lack of immunization.

On the other hand, uncontrollable risk factors are those that cannot be controlled in spite of initiating every effort. Uncontrollable risk factors pose the biggest threat towards eradication of infectious diseases. Some of these factors are listed below.

  1. Air: This is the foremost uncontrollable risk factor since nobody can exactly control the air that one respires. As a result, air-borne infections such as asthma and pneumonia cannot be stopped.
  2. Pollution: One of the biggest monsters that have been created by the modern world is pollution. It is impossible to control this demon unless government agencies, public transportation systems and industries take an active role and adopt eco-friendly strategies.
  3. Water: This is another factor that is difficult to control. Several viruses dwell in water and are difficult to get purified by even the most advanced water purification systems.
  4. Infections that can spread from mother to child: If the mother is already infected with organisms such as HIV, and Hepatitis B, the child is definitely going to inherit these diseases
  5. Heredity: Immunodeficiencies get inherited. Individuals inheriting these diseases are highly susceptible for several infections, a situation that cannot be controlled with the existing medical treatments.

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Uncontrollable Risk Of Infectious Diseases




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