What Does Anthrax Look Like

What Does Anthrax Look Like ?

There was an attack of Anthrax that took place in United States in the year 2001. Anthrax was sent through mail to several news media offices located mainly in New York City and also two democratic senators. This immediately made people curious who wanted to know what does anthrax look like.

However, before understanding what does anthrax look like, let us first see what is anthrax. Anthrax is an infectious bacterial disease and is usually found in agricultural regions. The spore-forming bacteria are transmitted either through grazing animals or soil that has been infected by diseased animal carcasses and skins. However, certain groups of people are also at risk of getting anthrax and these include people who handle livestock, veterinarians, tannery workers or technicians who work with anthrax in laboratories.

Anthrax causing bacteria, Bacillus anthracis, occurs naturally and is highly prevalent in developing countries, where there are no veterinary immunization programs. Countries in South and Central America, South Asia, East Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East have high incidences of anthrax infecting animals. The bacterial spores can live for years in soil or water.

So, what does anthrax look like? Anthrax bacteria are rod shaped and cannot be seen by the naked eye. The spores too are and when they are produced in bulk and dried, they end up looking like fine powder. This powder can be white, light tan or dark tan in color. However, if the spores are converted into aerosol and pumped, they will be completely undetectable; and it this fact that makes anthrax a potential biological weapon.

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What Does Anthrax Look Like