What Is The Number Of Anthrax Cases In The Us

What Is The Number Of Anthrax Cases In The US ?

It appears that the anthrax cases in the US are more due to adverse reaction or complications related to the anthrax vaccine than the infection caused by bacteria Bacillus anthracis.  There are reports that American soldiers who had taken anthrax vaccine and then developed complications. It appears that more than 20,000 soldiers have undergone hospitalization due to these complications.

There were complaints from Gulf War veterans that in spite of their unwillingness to take the anthrax vaccine, they were forced to take them. The common problems reported were fatigue, chronic pain in joints, tingling in the feet and mental lapses.  

There are reports that accuse Pentagon of under reporting of these cases to hide the real facts from the public. The Defense Department officials informed the Congress and the public that less than 100 people were hospitalized or had became seriously ill after receiving anthrax vaccine injections from 1998 to 2000. The officials stuck with these figures for years to persuade the public that the vaccine was safe. There was a policy for reporting adverse events associated with anthrax vaccine. This is a standing order for all military personnel. But it appears that the Defense Department does not want to share the data regarding vaccine related complications fully.

At this stage it is difficult to figure out how many of the 20,765 hospitalizations were directly attributed to anthrax vaccine alone. Some cases, which are not directly linked to the vaccine, might have got included in this figure.

Therefore, there no clear figures to give the number of anthrax cases in the US.

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What Is The Number Of Anthrax Cases In The Us