Where Did Anthrax Come From

Where Did Anthrax Come From ?

In order to understand where did anthrax come from, we first have to see the history of anthrax. Anthrax pores have been used as a biological warfare weapon.

Gruinard Island in Scotland is known to have been contaminated with anthrax spores by the British in 1942 as part of practical bioweapons research making it a no-go area until it was decontaminated in 1990. Rhodesian Government is reported to have used it against cattle and humans in 1978-79 during its war with black nationalists.

Weaponized stocks of anthrax available with the United States were destroyed after a decision was taken to dismantle the US biowarfare program in 1969. In Soviet Union, nearly a million people living in Sverdlovsk were exposed to an accidental release of anthrax. 94 people were infected and 68 had died in 1979. It is possible that anthrax available with soviet block countries is not fully destroyed and may be available and it may find its way in to the hands of terrorists.  

So the anthrax pores that were used for bioterrorism in the 2001 anthrax attacks could have come from any of these sources.

FBI had reported that Dr. Bruce Ivins who worked at the USAMRIID labs at Ft. Detrick, MD was the person responsible for sending the anthrax by mail which caused the series of anthrax related deaths in New York in 2001. They also believe that he committed suicide.  

But people are not ready to believe the story put forth by the FBI. They still believe that it could be al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, or it could be a Jewish conspiracy. There are some who believe that it could be some pharmaceutical companies who were behind the attacks.

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Where Did Anthrax Come From