How Does Cholera Spreads

How Does Cholera Spreads ?

Cholera is an infectious disease that spreads due to contaminated water. Non availability of clean water and poor sanitation are the main factors that contribute towards the spread of cholera causing bacteria. These result in an outbreak of cholera.

In developing counties purified water supply is usually non existent or hard to come by. Sanitary systems and procedures may not be in place. In many places there are open drains. Education level of the population is poor. They are unaware of the need for proper hygiene. These are some of the reasons why mortality rates are high in these countries. Such conditions are ideal for spreading cholera. 

The cholera bacteria get inside the body either through contaminated water or uncooked food eaten by the person. It can come through unclean vegetables and fruits too.  Once the vibrio cholerae bacteria find its way in to the human body, it quickly gets in to position and gets to work without wasting any time. It produces cholera toxin and this starts working on the lining of the small intestine. It makes the intestine to secrete water and chloride ions. This produces diarrhea which is watery and brown in the beginning. It further becomes voluminous and pale. In very severe cases the patient may collapse within 1 to 4 hours due to dehydration.    

Cholera spreads from person to person through ingestion of contaminated water. The source of the contamination can be other cholera patients, if their untreated diarrhea discharge finds its way to ground water or drinking water supplies. All materials used by the cholera patients such as clothing and bedding need to be sterilized.

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How Does Cholera Spreads