What Is The Symptoms Of Salmonella Contamination

What Is The Symptoms Of Salmonella Contamination ?

Salmonellosis is an infection with bacteria called Salmonella. It normally takes 12 to 72 hours after infection for the symptoms to develop. So, what are the symptoms of Salmonella contamination? Diarrhea, fever associated with abdominal cramps are the most common symptoms. In addition headache, fatigue and rose spots are also observed.

The illness usually lasts 4 to 7 days and many people recover without any treatment. The infection is generally confined to the intestines alone. In some persons the diarrhea may become very severe and the need for hospitalization may arise. In such cases the Salmonella infection is known to spread to the blood stream and then to other organs. Such complications may lead to death of the patient unless treated promptly with antibiotics.

The salmonella bacteria are known to reside in the intestinal tract of humans, other animals and also birds. The bacteria are usually transmitted to the humans by eating foods that are contaminated by animal feces. The contaminated food can not be identified by smell. The contaminated food is mainly of animal origin such as beef, poultry, and eggs. Any food including vegetables may get contaminated. If the food is thoroughly cooked, it can kill the salmonella bacteria. If proper care is not taken while handling food stuff like an infected person handling food without washing the hands can be a source of contamination.

There is no vaccine to prevent salmonellosis. People should stay away from eating raw or undercooked meat, eggs and poultry. Some times raw eggs may be the unrecognized ingredient in preparations such as home made salad dressings, home made mayonnaise, cookie dough and frostings and infected eggs can cause Salmonella. One has to be careful about such items. Consumption of raw and unpasteurized milk and other dairy products need to be avoided.

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What Is The Symptoms Of Salmonella Contamination