How Contagious Is Scarlet Fever ?

How Contagious Is Scarlet Fever ?

Scarlet fever is a type of infection that is brought on by the streptococci bacteria. It is the same bacteria that also cause the strep throat infection. Initially, this was considered to be a dangerous infection, which was common among small children and also infants. However, now it is very rare to find such infections in babies. Also, if the infection is caught in its early stages, it is very easy to treat it.

Scarlet fever typically affects children who are from 2 years of age to 10 years. Scarlet fever usually starts with a very high fever, nausea, vomiting and sore throat in children. Along with it the child may also have severe headaches, and rashes on the neck, chest, and the entire body.

Sometimes this rash is also found on tongue and inside the ears. Scarlet fever is quite contagious, and spread through cough and cold. The pediatrician on diagnosing the child will immediately start antibiotics to control the infection. When the fever begins, it is most contagious for the first 10 to 12 days after which it subsides. However, once the child has been started on antibiotics, it becomes less contagious and also the symptoms disappear rapidly. Also, once the antibiotics have been started, the child should not meet others for a minimum period of twenty-four hours for the medications to take effect.

Though it is a rare occurrence that children these days develop scarlet fever, a parent has to visit the doctor immediately on noticing the symptoms of it. The child faces extreme discomfort as long as the infection is spreading. The rashes also seem to be itchy and burning.

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How Contagious Is Scarlet Fever