Is Scarlet Fever Dangerous ?

Is Scarlet Fever Dangerous ?

Scarlet fever is an infection caused by bacteria called streptococcus. This particular strain of bacteria is also responsible for strep throat infection. This type of infection usually occurs in children. When the strep throat infection is also present with a rash, it is called scarlet fever. The rash occurs due to a certain toxin released by the bacterium.

Streptococcus bacteria were considered as extremely dangerous until antibiotics like penicillin were invented. The bacteria usually caused life threatening conditions. However, antibiotics can easily kill the bacteria, and with the range of antibiotics available today, it is no longer considered as that dangerous.

Scarlet fever usually occurs during spring, early fall and winter time, along with other conditions like pneumonia and flu. The bacteria need cold and damp places to proliferate. Scarlet fever is not dangerous and because of the rash it is easily identifiable. It seldom is fatal these days, and can be treated within a week.

The symptoms of scarlet fever are the red strawberry-like rash on the tongue and also on other parts of the body. Doctors start medications immediately on noticing the rash. Also, a child, who has developed the scarlet fever once, is unlikely to get it again. They develop immunity to the toxin released by the bacterium. However, they will continue to be prone to strep infections.

Scarlet fever spreads when you come in direct contact with an infected person. The bacteria take one to three days to incubate and at that time is not dangerous. With the onset of symptoms it is extremely contagious. 

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Is Scarlet Fever Dangerous