Do I Need A Tetanus Shot After A Puncture Injury

Do I Need A Tetanus Shot After A Puncture Injury?

Tetanus can be prevented by vaccination. The children within the age of seven go through a schedule of combined vaccination TDaP that includes vaccination for diphtheria and pertussis in addition to tetanus.

In the case of adults and children above seven years of age, the Td vaccine for tetanus and diphtheria or TDaP vaccine for tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis is usually given.

All adults are given booster vaccination dose every ten years on the assumption that the vaccination is effective for a 10 year period.

If a person has a puncture injury, it is necessary to find out when he was last vaccinated. If the previous dose was within the last five years, then there is no need for a tetanus shot after a puncture wound.  

If the injury breaks the skin, and the wound is dirty, an additional booster dose is recommended, especially if the previous dose was given more than five years ago. If the patient is uncertain when he had last received the tetanus vaccination, then it is necessary to give the booster dose immediately.

Tetanus bacteria thrive in environments that lack oxygen or have low oxygen levels; and a puncture wound gives the bacteria this environment. Therefore, it is a must to take a tetanus shot after a puncture injury.

Tetanus is a global health problem. The disease occurs mainly in people who had not received the vaccination and were not immunized. Tetanus occurs more often in hot and humid climates where the soil is rich in organic matter. As the tetanus spores are found in the intestines and faeces of animals such as horses, cattle, dogs, cats, rats, pigs and chickens, tetanus bacteria is quite prevalent in the manure treated soils.

In the United States, approximately 100 people get infected with tetanus every year and out of these, 5 people die annually.

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Do I Need A Tetanus Shot After A Puncture Injury