Best Antifungal Spray For Athletes Foot  

One of the most common fungal infections of the feet is Athlete’s foot, which is also known as Tinea pedis. The common symptoms of this problem are dry itchy skin, accompanied with painful inflammation or blisters. This is something that is not restricted to only athletes and can affect common people also. This article aims to look at the best anti fungal spray for athlete's foot.

While selecting a medication for athlete’s foot it is best to check the ingredients of the same and a medication that includes Tolnaftate is the ideal one. Since Tolnaftate is an anti fungal that prevents growth of the fungus and removes the infection from the root.

However, there are other ingredients such as terbinafine, miconazole and also itraconazole which are used in anti fungal sprays. The most common sprays that are available in the market are Ting anti fungal spray, Tinactin Spray, Hongo Killer spray, Desenex anti fungal spray, Lotrimin spray, Quinsana spray and Daktarin anti Fungal spray. While Desenex, Lotrimin and Daktarin anti Fungal sprays contain miconazole nitrate, Tinactin is the only spray which contains Tolnaftate. Hence, it can be said that Tinactin would definitely be a much better choice than the others, on account of its ingredients. However, each patient would react differently to each medication and the duration of the treatment would vary according to the infection.

With the continuous use of the best anti fungal spray for athlete's foot and certain precautions, one can definitely keep athlete’s foot at bay.

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Best Antifungal Spray For Athletes Foot




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