A Cure For Ringworm Of The Head And Nails  

Ringworm is a fungal infection which affects the outer layer of the skin. Though it may sound like it, but the disease is not spread on account of worms, but by fungi called dermatophytes. There are different types of ringworm infections that affect different parts of the body, starting from the scalp to the feet.

One many wonder if the treatment would be same for all the infections or would it differ with relation to the parts of the body it has affected?

Medication for ringworm can be either external or through oral use. Most of the ringworms can be treated through the use of e different external medications that contain ketoconazole, terbinifine and clotrimazole and also oral medications like itraconazole and fluconazole can be used. These medications may help get rid of the ringworm infection in about a week or so. But sometimes it may take longer due to the itching, cracking of the skin etc. However, a cure for the ringworm of the head and the nails is a little more time consuming and difficult. This is primarily because the fungi are deep rooted in the scalp or under the nails. An external application as well as oral medication may need to be combined for the cure for the ringworm of the head and the nails.

In some cases the when the infection is recurrent, the ringworm becomes resistant to external medication and it becomes necessary to start some kind of oral anti-fungal, which may often last for as long as a month.

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A Cure For Ringworm Of The Head And Nails




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Diflucan-And-Ringworm-On-The-Scalp      Ringworm is a type of fungal infection that is found on the outer layer of the skin and this can affect the scalp, the face, the chest, and feet. While all the ringworm infections can be treated in due course of time, the ringworm on the scalp takes a relatively longer time to heal as the fungi are deep rooted in the scalp. This does not mean that one needs to shave the hair for effective treatment. Proper and regular medication is just about enough for this. More..




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