Homeopathic Treatment Of Ringworm

Homeopathic Treatment Of Ringworm

Ringworm is a type of fungal infection. This particular type of infection is prevalent through out the world. There are several remedies in conventional medicine, home care and alternative medicine like homeopathy. Depending on the type of ringworm infection, homeopathy prescribes different medications.

Homeopathy is catching up in popularity because the wide variety of treatments available and also the lack of side effects are making it more acceptable.

Some of the homeopathic treatments of ringworm are as follows:

  • Sepia is prescribed when brown patches occur
  • Tellurium when reddish sores appear
  • Graphite is prescribed if the ringworm infection is scaly and oozes out a heavy discharge
  • Sulfur if excessive itching is present

As we know homeopathy only recommends very tiny dosages of medication that has to be taken at frequent intervals. Also, most of the homeopathic medications are made from herbs. There are several antifungal properties found in herbs and plants. For example, tea tree oil and lavender have these properties. Such herbs are used in preparation of the homeopathic medications to treat ringworm. Echinacea is also an herb that is used commonly in the treatment of ringworms in homeopathy. The treatments available through homeopathy are not very expensive either. Homeopathy has no side effects and is safe for everyone. Even children can use these dosages for effective treatment.

Botanical medications such as herb extracts also boost the immune system of a person. The body should have a natural ability to fight infections caused by such worms. However, sometimes the infection takes over and causes itching and dry skin. In order to fight them and clear them off our body, one has to take medications.

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Homeopathic Treatment Of Ringworm