How Do You Get Ringworm ?

How Do You Get Ringworm ?

Ringworm is an infectious fungal infection, and it can actually occur anywhere on the body, like the scalp, arms, legs or the feet. Some of the sources can be the nails also to cause a ringworm infection. There are several ways in which a person can get this infection.

People can get a ringworm infection when there is a direct contact with the infected person through skin. A person can also get infected if they have a pet in their house and come in direct contact with its skin or the infected part. An infection can also occur through indirect contact like using the things of an infected person like a towel or anything else. Most people think the infection occurs through soil. On the contrary, it is least likely to occur through soil.

People have several misconceptions about ringworm. It is a fungal infection and it has absolutely no connection with worms. When you notice the pattern of the infection on your body, it looks like a ring, and is either red or brown in color. The characteristics design of the infection begets its name as ringworm.

Ringworm infection is quite common and occurs due to several reasons, including poor hygiene. Ringworm infection is also called tinea. When ringworm appears on the foot, it is called athlete's foot. It is also referred to as dermatophytes. Some types of ringworm infections occur only on foot and nails, and are more common in humans.

In order to treat ringworm, one has to use a fungicide or fungus killing medication.

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How Do You Get Ringworm