How Long Is Ringworm Contagious ?

How Long Is Ringworm Contagious ?

Ringworm is a type of skin infection, and despite what the name suggest, worms have nothing to do with it. It is caused by a fungus like yeast, and is more of a yeast infection than anything else. A ringworm infection appears like a spherical patch on the surface of the skin, and the skin is red, flaky and itchy.

The rash is normal skin colored in the middle, however, the skin may look damaged and dry and the edges of the circle are red. In fact, the appearance of the infection is very similar to a spherical worm, and that is why it is named as ringworm.

The ringworm infection is a contagious one. It can spread through direct and indirect contact. If you touch the skin or the infected portion of a person, who has the infection, or even a pet that is infected, then you can also get it. One can get the infection by using the things of the infected person also.

Ringworm infection also spreads to other areas of the body like the feet, scalp, hands and the face. As the itching increases, the infection also spreads. When you notice the first signs of ringworm on your body, you should get immediate treatment to avoid or control it from spreading further.

There are several over the counter antifungal medications available in stores. This should be helpful in treating the immediate effects of the infection. It takes about a week for the infection to be cleared and during this period you need to constantly apply the cream on the infected areas.

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How Long Is Ringworm Contagious