Lysine And Ringworm  

Ringworm is a fungal infection caused by dermatophyte, which only affects the scalp, nails and the skin. However, this infection may affect any part of the body. Contrary to its name, this condition is not due to worms. It is caused due to a fungal infection.

Ringworms can have serious complications if not treated on time. Many anti-fungal products such as creams, lotions, shampoo and sprays are available in the market for treatment of ring worm. Apart from this one can also take oral medication, but this should be done after checking with the doctor. Though it may take some time for infection to be completely cured, if there is no change in the condition or if the condition worsens after one week of starting these anti fungal products, one should immediately contact a physician. The doctor may then prescribe medication to be taken orally, which may also include some antibiotics or steroids. Ringworm of the scalp and the nails take more time to heal than the other types of ringworms. One may need to combine oral medication with external creams.

Lysine and Ringworm:
Another thing that is associated with ringworm is Lysine. This is very effective for external use in case of ringworms as it has a very soothing effect. This also helps in producing antibodies in the body to fight diseases. Because of it qualities of tissue repair, it helps in the quick healing of this infection. However, not too many healthcare professional feel that Lysine and ringworm treatment are connected.

Treatment of ringworm needs to include proper and regular use of medication for faster and quick relief.

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Lysine And Ringworm




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