What Does Ringworm Look Like ?

What Does Ringworm Look Like ?

Several people think that a ringworm infection is caused by a worm called ringworm. This is false and actually the infection has nothing to do with the worms. A ringworm infection can occur if you have come in contact directly or indirectly with another infected person or a pet.

Ringworm infection is quite common and occurs all over the world. Sometimes poor hygiene may also cause the infection. A ringworm infection can be easily identified on the body. The skin on the infected area is dry and itchy. Also, it has a circular shaped red patch and that is why it is called ringworm infection. There are two to three types of ringworm infections. One type only occurs on the scalp, and it is more difficult to identify. However, the scalp may seem very itchy and on close examination you can find the ring shaped itchy patches. Ringworm infection can also occur on the feet, hands, arms, stomach, groin and legs. On these parts it can be identified immediately. The patch may be very small or the size of a coin. In the beginning you may notice only one or two circular patches. However, if left untreated, these patches can become more in number.

The best way to treat a ringworm infection is by using an antifungal ointment. These ointments are available in stores of the shelf. However, if the infection has progressed too much, you should visit a dermatologist for fast remedy of the infection. At that time you may need to take medications.

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What Does Ringworm Look Like