What Is Ringworm ?

What Is Ringworm ?

Ringworm is a contagious fungal infection. The infected part looks like a ring which is red in color and the coin inside the ring is itchy and scaly. Sometimes the whole patch is red in color. Several people can confuse it with Lyme disease. However, the characteristic features of the ringworm infection are quite different from any other infection.

The size of the patches vary, and some may be very small and others can be quite big and as much as a size of a coin. As the infection becomes more, the patch becomes big and also it can spread to the entire body. The fungus keeps growing on the skin and they also come more due to sweat and other bacteria present on the skin.

Ringworm is usually occurs on account of dermatophytes, and it is more frequent among children. However, humans and animals can get the infection by coming in contact with another infected person or animal. It is also considered as a highly contagious type of infection. The dermatophytes that cause the infection can live anywhere, like under the carpets, or on the mattress and also on towels. Usually it takes 10 to 12 days for the infection to develop after coming in contact with it. This is considered as the incubation period for the fungus.

Ringworm does not come from the soil as it is not caused by a worm. Some of the most common areas for the infection to spread are the arms, legs, hands, neck, hips, groin, scalp and the feet. Usually when the infection begins, it looks like an itchy red pimple. However, as the itching increases, the size of the patch also increases.

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What Is Ringworm