What Treatment Is There For Ringworm ?

What Treatment Is There For Ringworm ?

Ringworm is an extremely annoying condition to have. People from all over the world are susceptible to get it. It is also very common type of infection in children in the US. However, it can affect animals and adults also.

It is a common type of yeast infection caused due to a fungus. The fungus that causes the ringworm infection actually lives on human skin, animals and the soil. The infection that spreads on the foot and nails is only found in humans.

Some of the symptoms of a ringworm infection are itchy skin and finding yellowish crust on the infected part. You also notice a flat round patch which is red in color, and is very dry to feel. The groin is one of the most common areas where this infection spreads.

Ringworm infections can be easily treated using antifungal medications. Usually it is treated using a cream and external applications on the infected areas. If the infection is widespread, then visiting a dermatologist would help. They may prefer stronger medications or creams to treat the infection effectively. There are also home based remedies to cure ringworm. Lavender oil is usually used to reduce the itchiness of the infected areas of the skin. Even alternative medicines like Ayurveda and homeopathy have some effective treatments for ringworm.

It usually takes a week for the infection to stop and the patch to disappear once the treatment has started. The person should apply the ointment or cream at least three times a day for the treatment to be effective.

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What Treatment Is There For Ringworm