Parasites Between Toes  

Parasites are found everywhere in the environment and that is why it is possible to get a parasitic infection in any part of the body, including the toes. A parasite can be amoeba, protozoa, fungus or worm; and it lives in your body and derives it nourishment from the nutrients present in your body.

One of the most common parasites between toes is Athlete's food, also known as Tinea pedis by doctors. This is a fungal infection that occurs on the damp and moist skin between the toes. The result of this fungal infection is itchy sore skin and if not treated, it can spread to the toenails or other parts of the body.

Although this parasitic infection is called Athlete's foot, it can occur on anyone's foot as it is highly contagious. Usually people contract this parasite between toes while walking barefoot around showers, communal changing rooms and swimming pools. Even constantly wearing synthetic socks with tight shoes can encourage the parasite to infect the skin between the toes.

The symptom of having parasites between toes is red itchy rash that can crack and bleed. In addition, some people can develop blisters and have extremely smelly feet.

Having good hygiene can prevent the parasitic infection like athlete's foot between the toes. This means washing feet properly, not wearing tight shoes and synthetic socks, using clean towels, wearing open shoes like sandals in summer and walking barefoot at home occasionally to air the feet out so that any trap moisture between the toes evaporates and does not allow the fungus to take root.

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Parasites Between Toes




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