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Scabies is a highly infectious parasitic skin disease that can cause small itchy bumps all over the body or between the fingers, wrists, waists and genitals. It is recommended that you treat this skin disease with natural alternatives rather than using over-the-counter or prescription drugs.

Using home cure for scabies will not have side effects associated with the use of drugs and medicines. The following are some of the herbal cures recommended to treat scabies.

Evening primrose oil (EPO) acts as a smoothening agent and provides relief from the itching caused by the insect bites. Antiseptics like Neem and turmeric are powerful in tackling infections caused by insects and mites. Quercetin, extracted by boiling onion skins; and pennyroyal oil, strong tea extract and tincture, are applied to the affected areas to reduce the itching sensation.

Mountain mint, a weedy, three-foot-tall herb, though not too popular, is loaded with pulegone, an insect repellent, and is one of the recommended herbs for this disease.
Oatmeal in hot water helps to control itching. Tea tree oil, a popular antiseptic, is useful against the parasites but is recommended to be diluted and used only externally. Juglone, a chemical present in walnuts, is useful for dealing with mite infestations. Aloe Vera gel helps to relieve the annoying irritation of the scabies rash.

Chaste tree, a five leaved ornamental plant that grows in the United States, can be mashed and applied to the affected areas. Menthol, an ingredient in peppermint, has cooling, anesthetic and antiseptic properties. Another recommended agent is strong tansy tea.

Pregnant women should avoid menthol, mountain mint, pennyroyal and tansy tea both externally and internally as some of the ingredients can enter the bloodstream and could be harmful for the fetus.

Besides using herbs to cure scabies, make sure that all clothes and bedding are washed in boiling water and antiseptic to kill the mites and prevent infection relapse.

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Home Cure Scabies




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