Foods To Avoid Before Colonoscopy  

If you are preparing for a colonoscopy then there are a few foods that you need to avoid before the procedure takes place, sometimes starting as early as four days before you go in to the operating room.

Depending on how severe your condition is, your doctor will ask you to completely stop eating solid foods and drinking opaque liquids. Since your bowels must be completely empty at the time when the procedure takes place, you need to get off solid foods, like rice, vegetables, cereals, seeds, fruits, buts and red meat. There should be no traces of fiber in your body hence all foods with high fiber content must be avoided. You may eat boiled skinless chicken, steamed fish and potatoes without the skin. Unrefined white bread too is acceptable. However, remember that everything must be eaten in small quantities only.

Milk and other diary products are a big no-no, and so are all foods that orange, red or purple in color. The reason why doctors do not want any trace of fiber in your body during the procedure is because fibers stuck to the digestive tract makes it quite difficult for the doctors to operate. When it comes to liquids, you need to shun any beverage that is dark colored. Even supplements must be stopped, so do not take your multi-vitamins for those four days.

The day before the procedure, you need to have plenty of clear fluids, to ensure proper hydration and bowel movement, but remember to stop drinking any kind of liquid at least four hours before the scheduled time of the procedure.

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Foods To Avoid Before Colonoscopy




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