Will I Get An Enema Before A Colonoscopy  

Before you go to the hospital for a colonoscopy procedure, you need to do what is known as the 'colon prep'. Though it is not a very simple process, what with the constant trips to the bathroom and living on just liquids, it is necessary to get your colon cleared so that the doctor is able to get a good look inside it during the procedure.

Prior to the actual procedure, your doctor will tell you about what is known as colon prep. You will be told to go on a liquid diet at least 1 or 2 days prior to the surgery, since any solid waste in you body will prevent the doctor from getting clear image of your colon. You will also be advised to stay away from all foods are drinks that are red, purple or blue in color, since these colors run the risk of being confused with the blood in your body. What you will be advised to consume will include plain tea or coffee without any milk or cream, fresh fruit juices without any pulp, all kinds of sports drinks, broth, popsicles and plain water. If you must eat solid food then only gelatin, that too in lemon, lime or orange flavored, is permitted.

If you have been taking any kind of medication like multi-vitamins contain glucose and iron or aspirin or certain blood thinners, make sure your doctor knows about it, since these drugs may have an impact on the results of your colonoscopy.

Therefore, in order to clear out your colon, you may be given an enema before the colonscopy.

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Will I Get An Enema Before A Colonoscopy




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