Remedies For Indigestion After Surgery  

Undergoing a surgery in itself poses a stressful situation in one’s life. Of course, the most important factor is that the surgery should go off well. However, post surgical care also plays a very vital role in this entire scenario. This brings forth the aspect of consuming a nutritious diet that would facilitate the healing process.

One common problem that many patients encounter after surgical procedures is that of indigestion. Patients having undergone surgeries linked to the stomach such as the removal of gall bladder stones are quite prone to indigestion. Consuming the right kind of food and beverages can certainly help ease this situation.

It is absolutely normal for the appetite to decrease in the post surgical period. The main reason for this is lack of energy and general fatigue that arrests the patient’s body. In these circumstances, one must opt for foods that are high in energy like milk, fish, vegetables and fruits such as pomegranate and apple. Try to avoid the intake of fruits rich in vitamin C as this nutrient could aggravate the problem of indigestion. As for the dairy products, while milk is safe for consumption, one must avoid curd. The sour content in the latter is believed to interfere with the healing process. Opt for fibrous foods like breads, spaghetti, and cereals over rice as high content of fiber in the diet will prevent constipation, which is generally triggered by the high intake of allopathic medicines prescribed after surgery.

In general, remember to eat light and nutritious meals for regaining your health. Meat and oily foods can be delicious but they will only end up making you uncomfortable with symptoms of indigestion. Certain medication can also be beneficial in reducing the effects of indigestion in this period.

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Remedies For Indigestion After Surgery




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