Process Of Dying Of Liver Cirrhosis  

Cirrhosis is a degenerative disease that hampers the condition of the liver slowly and gradually.

The liver loses the capability of performing the normal functions and slowly ceases to function causing death to the person. The normal liver tissue is replaced by scarred tissue limiting the blood flow to the liver. This kind of damage is irrevocable. The only hope is to stop future damage.Cirrhosis can be caused due to blocked bile ducts causing pressure in the liver or due to miss functioning of all bladders or due to diseases like hepatitis. Poor or bad nutrition may cause the disease to progress. Sometimes, habits like alcoholism cause this condition. The common symptoms of cirrhosis are indigestion, nausea, abdominal pain, foul breath, and a bloated abdomen. Other forms of symptoms may be swollen abdomen, and swelling in legs also. As the liver functions decrease, the legs swell up collecting a fluid identified by a condition called edema. A person may also start observing blood clots.

These multitude of factors start killing the liver cells and the liver starts dying as a result. Jaundice occurs as a result because there is no blood flow and the liver becomes yellow and diseased. People with cirrhosis should seek immediate treatment if they notice a yellow tinge in their skin color or eyes. Even the gall bladder develops gall stones, and the flow of bile from the liver to the bladder is stopped. This can lead to liver cancer also, causing tumors inside the liver.

Eventually it becomes a very complicated disease to handle, and the individual suffering from it dies.

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Process Of Dying Of Liver Cirrhosis




Tips-And-Procedure-For-Cirrhosis-Treatment      Cirrhosis is a liver disease that ends up damaging the liver, and stops it from functioning normally. The damage caused by the disease to the liver is irreversible. However, the treatment of the condition depends on when the person was found to have cirrhosis. If it is a very advanced stage, then treating it becomes out of question. If cirrhosis is identified in earlier stages, then the doctor could take some immediate measures to cure the condition. More..




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Process Of Dying Of Liver Cirrhosis )
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