What Foods Should I Eat If I Have A Fatty Liver ?

What Foods Should I Eat If I Have A Fatty Liver ?

Fatty liver disease is a condition wherein fat tends to get accumulated in the cells of the liver.

Basically if the liver contains a minimum of 10 percent fat, the person is said to have fatty liver disease. It is important that this disease is treated as it can lead to other complications.One of the best ways to treat fatty liver is to be careful about what food you consume. There are some foods that you should eat in this condition, while others should be completely avoided. Here is a list of foods that you should eat if you have fatty liver disease:

  • Lean Protein: Under normal circumstances, the liver needs protein to repair damage to the cells of the liver and to avoid the build up of fat in the cells. However, when a person has fatty liver disease, the liver cannot metabolize or break down extra protein. Instead the extra protein is converted to ammonia, which causes further damage to the liver. Therefore, the protein that a person consumes should be in the form of lean protein. Red meat should be stopped and fish or soy-based products should be consumed. Also, meats that contain cholesterol and high saturated fat should not be consumed.
  • Vegetables: Make sure you eat lots of green leafy vegetables like Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage and broccoli. These vegetables help to detoxify the liver. Also, make sure that you do not overcook the vegetables. Also eat artichokes which help to boost the strength of the liver cells.
  • Fruits: You should be looking to eat fruits like apples and oranges as they contain high levels of antioxidants that not only help to heal the liver, but also aid in detoxifying the body. Also, fruits like plums, prunes, dark berries and grapefruit are very good for aiding the cure.
  • Whole Grains: You should be eating whole grains like brown rice, flax seeds, oatmeal and barley which are all low in sugar. These grains can be easily metabolized by the liver, and help to reduce the strain on the liver.

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What Foods Should I Eat If I Have A Fatty Liver