Final Stages Of Liver Failure  

The final stages of liver failure mean that the doctors cannot do anything to save the liver, and it is towards its end.

When the liver fails, then most of the body functions stop, and this leads to death. Liver failure also means that the parts of the liver are unable to heal any longer.The liver being the biggest gland has several functions in the body. It also has the capacity to heal itself while it is working for the body. The most important function of the liver is to remove the toxins and purify blood. A liver failure is often treated as a life threatening condition. Acute and chronic are the two types of liver failure.

A chronic liver failure develops over a period of time, and it can take several years to damage the liver completely. Typically, liver cancer is one of the conditions that cause chronic liver failure. Even cirrhosis can do the same. An acute liver failure can occur over a few hours or days and is mainly caused due to sudden mishap like poisoning or overdose of certain medications.

In the final stages, a chronic liver failure may give out more symptoms than an acute liver failure. It could be in the form of blood vomits or difficulty in breathing, and swelling in the body. In the acute form of liver failure, the symptoms might appear to be progressing extremely fast, like within a few hours the patient may develop jaundice or just start vomiting blood.

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Final Stages Of Liver Failure




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Final Stages Of Liver Failure )
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