Generalized Anxiety Disorder And Hypervigilance  

Hyper vigilance is a behavior pattern in people who suffer from anxiety attacks and it makes them extremely aware of things that cause them to get an anxiety attack or disorder. That is the person with this kind of disorder is giving extra attention to stress triggers that can cause the attack.

In many cases, hyper vigilance caused the anxiety attack for people who suffer form general anxiety disorder. People suffer from different kinds of anxiety disorders like social anxiety and even different types of phobias. So, anything related to their fear can be come a trigger for an attack. The levels of hyper vigilance actually vary from person to person. It also depends on the type of anxiety the person suffers from.

People who suffer from panic attacks are actually looking out for signs that cause these attacks. This is what is exactly called hyper vigilance. It is almost like they are waiting for something to happen. Even small situations that do not need a person to panic can set off an attack in such people. Every individual is hyper vigilant in life to some extent. For example, if a person is crossing a road, they are doing it with a feeling that they should not get run over. It is working at a subconscious level, and we may not realize it actually. However, the difference between normal people and people who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder is that normal people can think clearly in spite of being hyper vigilant. People with anxiety disorder get stressed out due to hyper vigilance.

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder And Hypervigilance




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Generalized Anxiety Disorder And Hypervigilance )
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