How Long Do Autistic People Live

How Long Do Autistic People Live ?

Does autism have a bearing on the longevity of the life of a person who is autistic? There is no research that proves that children or adults with autism live shorter lives. There are several different circumstances that have to be considered before this conclusion is reached.

Autism is not a life threatening disease and it is not a disease to start with on its own. It is a mental condition that causes hindrances in the regular growth of a child and not a physical condition that takes lives. So the myth that autistic children do not live long is a ‘myth’ and it is not true. They have and can lead the same normal life and have a life expectancy any normal person would have.

Autism is a development disorder and people with this condition learn and do things differently than the others. It is definitely not a disease or an illness and people with autism do not fall sick and lead healthy lives. It is juts a condition which is diagnosed at birth and people who do not receive any help in their early childhood take much longer to recover from it.

In many people autism coincides with some other disorder like a brain tumor or multiple sclerosis which may cause an early death. However, autism does not cause the other problems and it may have been present in the person from birth. Often these kinds of people who also have had an underlying condition have been compared to regular people with autism which is not right.

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How Long Do Autistic People Live