Famous People With Bulimia Nervosa

Famous People With Bulimia Nervosa

There are many famous people with bulimia nervosa and several people have fought this disorder successfully and have managed to come out of it using professional help.

Most of these famous personalities have gone through bulimia at least once in their life time and have realized that it is not the right way to live.

Princess Diana is one such person who suffered from bulimia nervosa and became very weak. She realized that it is affecting her everyday life and she was not able to lead her life happily. In her case, bulimia was linked with the unhappy marriage she had with Prince Charles. However, Princess Diana slowly recovered from the disorder after which she decided to break off from the marriage.

Jane Fonda is an actress, an athlete and a mother who suffered from bulimia due to the pressures of Hollywood, where it is mandatory for actress to be thin and skinny.  She could overcome the disorder by practicing yoga.

Joan Rivers was a comedian who suffered from bulimia nervosa as a condition and she fell prey to it because of her acting career in Hollywood. She was another one of those famous people with bulimia nervosa brought on by social pressure.

Of the more recent celebrities, it was Mary Kate Olson who had bulimia nervosa and she was sent to a rehabilitation center to overcome the problem. The Olson twins are famous from the television show called Full House and they created a sensation in America. They are looked upon as role models for young girls and teenage girls.

Even the most famous people who were suffering from the condition had found methods to overcome it through self help groups and successfully took treatment. The chances of relapse were also minimal.

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Famous People With Bulimia Nervosa