Staistics On Binge Eating

Statistics On Binge Eating

Binge eating is a disorder found in at least 2 percent of the American population as per statistical records and that amounts to 2 million Americans.

Binge eating is a disorder where people suffering from it eat small meals frequently, irregularly and in an unplanned way; and these meals usually consist of junk food and unhealthy foods. Binge eating occurs even when the person is not hungry or when he or she is upset about something.

This is much different than the planned smaller meals that people eat to lose weight or control their weight gain. Planned meals are healthier and often dieticians recommend it. However, unplanned eating and eating of unhealthy food is characterized as binge eating in people. Among the people who suffer from binge eating teenage girls and young women are the most who suffer from the disorder.

A person develops this disorder when they start controlling their appetite in an attempt to lose weight. They try to starve themselves but in the process end up binging on something or the other that is available. Binge means overdoing something or over indulging one self. When a person begins to starve consciously they get hunger pangs due to which they eat more frequently and end up eating more than what their bodies require. This actually leads to further complications where they end up gaining weight in abnormal places and also lose their figure.

Binge eating can lead to over weight problems and also purging. People do not realize that they are gaining weight because of the binging habit they have developed and they only get more depressed because they have been skipping their meals and still gaining weight.

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Staistics On Binge Eating