How To Deal With Beligerant Dementia Patients

How To Deal With Belligerent Dementia Patients

It has been seen that dementia patients who are institutionalized often display belligerent behavior like anger outbursts for no reason whatsoever. Some times the anger could be warranted but at other times it might not be. For reasons like these, it is important to know how to deal with belligerent dementia patients.

Patients suffering from dementia often try to express themselves in non-traditional ways. While one patient might inform you that he wants to eat something else for breakfast, another patient might just toss the contents of the breakfast onto the floor. It is important to figure out what is causing the anger and dissatisfaction with some aspect of daily care and then, as a caregiver, make the necessary adjustments.

Many dementia patients have the habit of raising their voice, swinging their arms, pushing, shoving or yanking to show their irritation. You must learn to decipher real belligerence from confusion. It is important to consider anger management for a patient if he expresses anger inappropriately.

Anger management therapy for belligerent dementia patients involves communicating with the patient and finding ways to communicate. The facilitator will also need to understand the types of triggers that can draw their anger. This therapy can be given on individual basis or as a part of a group, depending on the patient’s needs and abilities.

As a caregiver, you should make the person suffering from dementia understand the consequences of anger outbursts. This effort could take a long time and may be only partially successful.

Some people might resort to giving the patient drugs to calm him down but experts agree that drugs should be the last resort.

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How To Deal With Beligerant Dementia Patients