Life Expectancy Of Vascular Dementia  

Vascular dementia occurs either by narrowing or complete blockage of blood vessels in the brain. This blockage results in the brain being deprived of oxygen and nutrients. Vascular dementia often results from many small strokes that occur over a period of time.

It is important to note that not all strokes result in vascular dementia. But statistics show that up to one-third of those who have a stroke will get vascular dementia within 6 months. Even conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes can lead to vascular dementia. These conditions do not block blood vessels but narrow them.

At the moment there is no cure for vascular dementia. If the dementia occurs because of multiple strokes, the person’s condition will get worse step-wise. This means that there will be stable periods and then suddenly there will be periods when the person goes from bad to worse. Life expectancy of vascular dementia patients is very individual and depends on the nature of the cardiovascular problems that have caused the dementia. In addition, other medical conditions and the person’s age needs to be taken into account.

However, it has been noticed that if the vascular dementia is bad and the decline is rapid, then the life expectancy of vascular dementia patients is around 5 to 6 years at the most.

Usually vascular dementia diagnosis is delayed with males being diagnosed sooner than females. This is mostly because elderly women tend to live alone. In contrast, elderly men are more likely to live with a spouse who might notice the signs and symptoms and bring them to the attention of a doctor. However, there is no hard and fast rule.

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Life Expectancy Of Vascular Dementia




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