Different Types Of Dyslexia

Different Types Of Dyslexia

There are different types of dyslexia or learning disabilities that affect the reading and spelling skills of a child, the differentiating factor being the nature of the predicament, as housed within the child’s brain or the central nervous system.

Trauma dyslexia, as the name suggests, results from some kind of brain injury or trauma, particularly to the area that controls the ability to read and write. This is a permanent condition and is not seen often, since it can only happen from head injuries of the most severe nature.

Next on our list is primary dyslexia, caused by damage to brain’s left side (cerebral cortex) and is irreparable with age. This is a hereditary condition found more in boys than in girls, and those suffering from primary dyslexia cannot read beyond fourth-grade level, and even continue to struggle with reading, writing and spelling during adulthood.

Secondary or developmental dyslexia is believed to be caused due to hormonal development, malnutrition during early fetal development, abuse or neglect during the early years. Developmental dyslexia is not that serious a condition since it starts fading off as the child grows up.

Then there is visual dyslexia, a learning disability that stems from stunted growth of the eyes and the brain function that transmits information from the eyes to the brain.

Phonological or auditory dyslexia is another learning disability, leading to difficulty in clearing hearing sounds. Dyspraxia is the learning disability that is related to difficulties with perception, language and the thought process, resulting in a clumsy and ill-coordinated child.

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Different Types Of Dyslexia