How Is Dyslexia Treated ?

How Is Dyslexia Treated ?

Even though dyslexia is a condition that the affected must live with all through his life, with proper guidance, it is possible for a dyslexic person to learn how to read and write without much difficulty.

The key to effectively treating dyslexia is identifying it as early as possible. A dyslexic child needs the assistance of therapists and teachers who have undergone special training that makes use of the multi-sensory structured language approach, i.e., a technique that involves all the senses like sight, sound and touch simultaneously.

Most children who suffer from this condition need personalized attention, and hence, it is important that classroom teachers work in close association with the child’s academic therapist, so that the desired results are achieved and the child is able to reach his maximum potential.

On the part of the school, there are several steps needed to be implemented to help the child, like giving him extra time to complete his assignments, and providing him with assistance when it comes to taking notes and understanding and submitting work assignments. Recorded tests can help immensely, as can audio books and permission to record test answers rather than having to write them down.

Some other ways the child can learn to improve his reading are by teaching him to listen and repeat, helping him read out loud, and helping him understand how letters link with sounds and form words. Apart from schoolwork, a dyslexic child will also need plenty of emotional support and proper counseling so that he can enjoy school and learn without any inhibitions.

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How Is Dyslexia Treated