How Long Do Hallucinations Last Post Surgery?  

People who have undergone surgery would have also gone through a lot of blood loss and are generally left weak and tired after the surgery.

The body drains out all the energy and these people can barely talk in some cases. They are extremely dehydrated and also at loss of vigor. This happens with many major surgeries relating to heart, brain and kidney.

Patients who undergo major surgeries are kept in the intensive care unit until their position is stable and the body starts functioning normally. However, patients who have undergone surgery do gain conscious from anesthesia soon after the surgery is complete; in a couple of hours. Anesthesia is a process where the patient is forcibly made to lose consciousness so that they do not realize the pain they underwent during the surgery.

The causes of hallucinations in patients recovering from surgery are unknown. However, it is quite common. This could be due to the effects of anesthesia and while they are recovering from the effects of anesthesia they could have hallucinations. The brain recovers slowly from the effects of anesthesia and during this recovery phase, a person's vision is blurred and nothing is clear to them. This phase may lead to hallucinations in patients recovering from surgery. It is common for patients to talk and try to communicate about something when they are in a semi conscious state and this blurred speech may relate to the hallucinations they are having. Different patients experience different kinds of hallucinations.

These hallucinations last post surgery until the effects of anesthesia have worn off.

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How Long Do Hallucinations Last Post Surgery




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