Can Schizophrenia Caused By Video Games

Can Schizophrenia Caused By Video Games?

Playing a video game has its own bad effects on children. They are eventually going to develop problems like eye sight issues and/or loss of concentration besides other mental health problems.

Can schizophrenia be one of them? Can schizophrenia be caused by video games? It is a possibility and not a confirmation that children who play too many video games will get it.

It depends on several other accompanying factors. It depends on the amount of time the child spends playing these video games and it also depends on the nature of video games. It has been noticed that boys tend to play more video games than girls and also they like to play games that involve a lot of violence. After some research with young boys it has been found that those who played violent games for more than three hours everyday displayed violent behavior and short temper.

It was also noticed that young boys who played too many video games for long duration like for more than five hours a day, displayed schizophrenic symptoms. Although they cannot be diagnosed as having schizophrenia because the symptoms seem to go away when they stop playing for prolonged hours. However, the research concluded that prolonged exposure to video games may cause the brain to develop schizophrenic patterns, which would need medical intervention.

It is okay for children to play video games. However, it should be controlled by the parents and they should be allowed to play only for a predetermined time everyday. Children should also be encouraged to participate in other outdoor activities at the same time to develop a positive approach to life.

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Can Schizophrenia Caused By Video Games