Connection Between Schizophrenia And Diabetes And Marijuana

Connection Between Schizophrenia And Diabetes And Marijuana

When a person consumes marijuana or cannabis, it could increase the risk of psychotic diseases like schizophrenia in this person.

In recent times, after several researches, a possible link has been established between schizophrenia, diabetes and marijuana. One might wonder where these three conditions coincide or how they are interconnected to each other.

As far as schizophrenia and marijuana go, it has been found that marijuana exposes the person to the risks of schizophrenia and if used for a long time, the person can suffer from this disorder. Marijuana causes hallucinations where the person starts hearing, and seeing things that do not exist. Sometimes they even hear voices and smell things that do not exist. These kinds of hallucinations are common in a person suffering from schizophrenia.

For schizophrenia and marijuana, one is the cause and the other is the result. It has been found that people who consume marijuana soon report of schizophrenic symptoms and they also report of diabetes symptoms. So there is a possible link which connects marijuana to diabetes. Constant consumption of marijuana can lead to diabetes and it can also lead to schizophrenia.

Most of the side effects are seen in people who are drug addicts and they exhibit schizophrenic symptoms and symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of diabetes. However, there is no proof that either might cause diabetes. There is a link among the two conditions and marijuana can be the common cause for either.

Marijuana has detrimental effects on one’s health and this on prolonged use might lead to several complications including diabetes and schizophrenia.

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Connection Between Schizophrenia And Diabetes And Marijuana