Is There A Cure For Schizophrenia ?

Is There A Cure For Schizophrenia ?

Schizophrenia is a mental condition that affects nearly two million people in the US. There are varying types of the disorder identified in people, and each one has its own individual set of symptoms. Also, schizophrenia has been highly discussed and researched disorder because of its unique and perplexing nature.

A person suffering from this disorder can suffer from different conditions and problems. They become extremely withdrawn for the society, paranoid and also delusional on many instances. There are several medications that help in controlling and preventing the symptoms from recurring available today. However, there is no permanent cure for the condition. Even if the treatment has been effective, there is a high chance of relapse. Schizophrenia is mainly diagnosed in the age group of 18 to 25. Until a person is 18 years old, the symptoms of the condition are not clear.

Diagnosing schizophrenia is easy in some cases and in some it is not easy. Some people may exhibit multiple personalities and can easily switch to any personality they want confusing the doctor and their family members. This type of schizophrenia has been correlated with supernatural thoughts such as spiritual possession. A schizophrenic person can be very creative, friendly, and social and also work like any other person. However, when the effects take over they can have bouts of depression and unpredictable behavior. Also, it has been often associated with family history of it. There are several causes of the condition including vitamin deficiency, drug abuse, and genetic effects.

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Is There A Cure For Schizophrenia