Can Rheumatic Fever Cause Brain Damage ?

Can Rheumatic Fever Cause Brain Damage ?

Rheumatic fever is a complication that develops if you do not treat a strep throat infection. Rheumatic fever can damage many parts of the body, especially the heart leading to a condition known as rheumatic heart disease wherein the heart valve is permanently damaged.

Can rheumatic fever cause brain damage too? Yes, it can cause brain damage and that to permanent damage. When the brain is damaged due to rheumatic fever, the person suffers from loss of coordination and he cannot control the movements of his limbs and face; these movements are known as chorea. The uncontrolled movements of limbs and face are known as Sydenham's chorea, rheumatic chorea or St. Vitus' dance. Usually the chorea disappears within weeks or months.

The problem with rheumatic fever is that once you have it, the chances of you getting it again are very high and each time you get the fever, it will further damage the brain. The only treatment available at the moment for rheumatic fever is taking low dosage of antibiotics and invariably you will have to take the drugs for the rest of your life.

Therefore, if you think that you are suffering from strep throat, visit a doctor immediately so that it does not turn into rheumatic fever; because if you get rheumatic fever, you can cause damage to your brain. This said, only a small percentage of people suffering from strep throat get rheumatic fever but prevention is always better than cure, especially since rheumatic fever can cause brain damage if left untreated.

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