Is Dandruff The Same As Dry Scalp ?

Is Dandruff The Same As Dry Scalp ?

It is very common in people to confuse dandruff with dry scalp. Most people think dry scalp and dandruff is one and the same thing. There have been a lot of discussions and questions related to the similarities in both of the conditions and why the common mistake of regarding both as the same ailment.

It is a good idea to be aware of the two conditions in order to keep one’s hair and scalp in good condition.

Dandruff and dry scalp are not the same health problem. They are two very different conditions with different causal factors. It is important to understand that dry scalp can cause dandruff. The difference to understand here is dry scalp is caused due to lack of moisture and natural oils in your scalp, while dandruff is caused due to shedding of dead skin. One can have dandruff in a hydrated scalp. Having dandruff does not mean one has dry scalp. Dandruff can occur with exposure to dust, grime in the environment around us. With dry scalp, hair needs to be washed frequently with moisture laden products, while dandruff is the way the body sheds old dead skin.

Both these conditions are a little confusing to delineate as dry scalp can also cause dandruff. Though dandruff does not cause dry scalp. They are different health problems which are caused by different factors and needs different treatments plans to tackle them. It becomes absolutely necessary to first diagnose the problem along with its causes, before planning a treatment plan for the ailment.

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Is Dandruff The Same As Dry Scalp