Skin Rash When Drinking Alcohol  

It has been seen that rash can break out after consuming alcohol. This rash is termed as alcohol allergy. This is particularly true for some people who are sensitive to certain types of foods. This is caused by their respective immune system developing intolerance towards certain food components.

In case of alcohol, the immune system in some people cannot tolerate certain components in alcohol. This intolerance to the components present in the alcohol leads to skin rash. Alcohol can have many adverse effects like headache, skin rash, nasal congestion and vomiting in people who are highly sensitive.

Many times, the body is not able to break down the components present in the alcohol. This is a common and normal phenomenon to show resistance and intolerance towards certain food. This response differs depending on the immune system in the human body. If the immune system finds a certain food component harmful, then it will show reaction; a rash is usually the outcome. So, it completely depended on the individual’s immunity system.

The best way to avoid such allergies is to abstain from consuming alcohol. Non alcoholic drinks like coffee and tea are better drinks than alcohol. Alcohol can lead to skin rash and cause other adverse effects like difficulty in breathing and vomiting. So, it is a good idea to avoid alcohol to prevent such problems.

One can try other nutritious food or drinks instead of alcohol. Skin rash is a symptom of food intolerance. Though skin rash due to alcohol consumption is rare, it is best to avoid alcohol in case you are allergic to it.

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Skin Rash When Drinking Alcohol




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