Foods That Fight Staph Infection  

There are many good home remedies to treat staph infections. These are usually in the form of herbs, vegetables and fruits that are commonly found in any household. The following are the few common home remedies which are proven to be very effective in treating staph.

One can warm and mix two tablespoon of sesame oil with five tablespoon of water. Then add a teaspoonful of turmeric powder and some black pepper in it. This drink is the most effective way to cure staph infections.

Many believe that one can terminate staph growth by is by eating one clove of garlic every day. This helps to clean the blood and stop further infections. Eating herbs like yarrow, slippery elm and Echinacea also are effective ways to fight off any staph growth in the body.

Eating a good balanced diet will also assist in curing staph infection. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits and other fibrous foods helps to build a strong immune system. Including yogurt or kefir in the diet is also very effective.

There are also several herbs that can help cleanse human blood, and are effective remedies for staph infection. Celery, red clover, dandelion, burdock root and milk thistle are just to name a few. Honey helps to raise the boil to the surface. Pastes of raw potato and fresh cabbage leaves are also effective. Mashing fresh figs and applying to a warm poultice is very effective as well. Applying aloe vera for its natural antibiotic property, lemon juice or bread soaked in milk are good home remedies for treating boils caused by staph.

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Foods That Fight Staph Infection




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