Can Plantar Warts Become Infected ?

Can Plantar Warts Become Infected ?

Plantar warts are a type of skin infection which mostly affects the foot. They are caused by the human papilloma virus or HPV. This is a DNA-based virus, which can infect any part of the human skin. This virus is easily picked up at swimming pools, and common showers and changing areas as it flourishes in moist warm areas.

Fortunately, plantar warts do not spread easily. So, is not alarming to the general population. There are a few precautions which can be taken to keep this infection at bay. Firstly one needs to keep the feet clean and dry.  The infection easily spreads to other body parts if the feet are damp or moist. Special care should be taken not to touch other areas of the body while cleaning the wounds. These simple precautions combined with a little common sense can go along way to prevent the infection from spreading. One needs to wash the hands and feet in case of exposure to a person who is infected by this skin disease. It is best to avoid wearing the patient’s slippers. After a shower and cleaning your body well, wash and scrub the floors well with disinfecting liquid.

Public places like swimming pools, may be another place where one can contract the infection. It is best to wear slippers till getting into the pool. Neglecting a minor infection can lead to the infection to get worse. One needs to take proper care of any lesions or scrapes as this might be the entry point of the virus to get into the body.

Warts, including plantar warts, can get infected. Usually this is a bacterial infection and you must seek immediate medical attention. If you notice the following symptoms in your plantar warts, you have a bacterial infection.

  • Sudden increase in pain
  • Skin becomes swollen, inflamed, tender and is warm to touch
  • There is pus oozing out of the wart
  • Fever, either mild or high grade, along with all or some of the above mentioned symptoms

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