Treatment For Wart Under Fingernail  

Any type of bumps under fingernails could be warts. They may occur in clusters under the finger nails. These warts can be treated very easily, and do not cause a lot of concern among people.

The one treatment which cannot be used to treat warts under fingernails is the freezing method or cryotherapy. Freezing can have a negative effect on the growth of the finger nails. A very simple but effective way to remove the warts is to cover it up, using a duct tape or even a band aid. This also saves the embarrassment from stares and weird glances from curious people. The warts will eventually shrink and vanish after being covered for some time.

An in-home manicure by soaking your fingers in white vinegar or apple cider for a few minutes can be an excellent home remedy. This needs to be repeated every day till the warts fall off. Mixing aloe vera, lime or tea tree oil to the manicure water helps soothe the affected nails.

Another way to remove warts is by crushing garlic cloves, and applying them on the warts. Cover the area with tape, so that the paste stays on the wart for maximum effect. This should be done in the night as it can hinder normal movements. 

Wearing gloves while doing any kind of work prevents the spread of the warts. Hands should always be kept clean. Any cuts or scrapes on the hand should be cleaned with soap and warm water. For immediate results, one needs to consult a doctor and get the warts removed using a medical procedure.

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Treatment For Wart Under Fingernail




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