Adult Bedwetting And Dreams  

There are several reasons for adult bedwetting. However, if it is a single episode, then it cannot be classified as a chronic problem. It is believed that it is normal for even adults to lose control of their bladder. Bedwetting during sleep is a condition that is medically known as enuresis.

Sleep enuresis in adults is primarily caused as a result of loss of bladder control. However, several conditions and adult diseases can also cause it. Aging is one of the common reasons for adult bedwetting and if you are more than 65 years old, then you may be experiencing it because of your age. One of the common medical conditions that is associated with bedwetting is sleep apnea. Several adults suffer due to lack of sleep and they usually start bedwetting after a certain point of time. However, this does not occur in all adults and that is why there could be other reasons also. If you consume too much caffeine and alcohol, it may cause enuresis.

Also, enuresis has been linked to dreams in adults. Some people, who suffer from frequent sleep disorders, tend to fall into deep sleep, and rarely get drifted into dreams and suffer from bedwetting simultaneously. When doctors ask most of the adult patients if they did have a dream, mostly they answer in the affirmative. Bedwetting episodes in children are associated with bad dreams and as a reaction to fear. However, in adults the exact reasons is still unclear as bad dreams seldom affect them. It could be a feeling of insecurity in adults that triggers enuresis.

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Adult Bedwetting And Dreams




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