Important Nutrition For Broken Bones  

Healing of fractures in the human skeletal system is a natural mechanism. The body forms new cells and blood vessels at the site of breakage, which facilitate the joining of the broken bones. However, the patient can include certain essential nutrients in the diet that can help in hastening the process of healing.

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients required for bone strength. 99 percent of the calcium present in the human body is known to be located in the bones and teeth. Whenever there arouses a deficiency of calcium in the blood, the nutrient is absorbed from the bones. This makes it essential to have a calcium rich diet during any bone breakage. Foods rich in calcium content include milk that has no or reduced levels of fat, orange juice rich in calcium, sardines with bones, salmon, tofu and blackstrap molasses. The health of your bones is also influenced by the intake of phosphorus that is present in the bones in the form of calcium phosphate. Consumption of lean meat and fish can provide high levels of phosphorus to the body.

Vitamin D is a nutrient, well known to enhance the strength of the bones. Apart from foods such as salmon, shrimp, tuna and egg yolk; exposure to sunlight is also a vital source of vitamin D. It is believed that lysine enhances the ability of the bones to absorb calcium. Thereby, making the intake of lysine also important for bone might. Foods rich in lysine include poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, kidney beans, peanuts, sesame seeds, apples and spinach. Since the body requires large amounts of calcium in order to cure broken bones; intake of boron is also necessary as this nutrient reduces the elimination of calcium and magnesium through urine. Foods such as raisins, avocados, walnuts, lentils, red grapes and celery are known to provide boron to the body. Other nutrients that are vital for the healing of broken bones are vitamins C and K, zinc, magnesium and silica.

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Important Nutrition For Broken Bones




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Important Nutrition For Broken Bones )
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